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I got into Pottermore *cue squeeage*. I have recently been fairly active in the HP fandom (well the reading side of things, that is), and so I am excited I was able to get in. It should be an interesting experience, if nothing else.

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OH, and I saw XMen First Class this weekend, and Oh My GUHHH!!. It was amazing. Really. I went in with high expectations and it delivered, like woah! The Charles/Erik subtext and the chemistry of the actors and the way it was similar yet different to the previous movies all while trying to remain faithful to the original story *deep breath*. Yes, Im still excited. And I have spent the time I should have been tweaking the dissertation, on collecting icons, macros, graphics and anything else I can get my hands on, of the movie. *___*
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Then head over to the LT3 Press at http://www.lessthanthreepress.com/ where you can find "romantic gay fiction featuring all happy endings, all the time".

This is the place to go when you are looking for something soft, sweet and fun, which will leave you with a happy smile guaranteed. For those of us who are romantics at heart and are looking for feel good stories, Less Than Three Press offers weekly serial fiction, ebooks and print books.

So what are you waiting for? Don't just take my word for it, get over there and try their stories out for yourself!
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I just got an exclusive invite to the Japanese Film Festival arranged by the Embassy of Japan here and they will be showing tomorrow and the day after. Im quite excited and I love my aunt, who was the one who forwarded the invites to me, but now that I am thinking about it clearly rather than asdfghjkl; JAPAN!!, it will be hard for me to get to another city by 5, when the movie starts, and that also on a weekday. I will try to get there though. I hate not having a driver or my own car. Its a pain having to rely on others to take you places. Guess it all depends on the mood of my designated driver tomorrow if I go or not.
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I have finally made the shift to DW from my LiveJournal. It was a difficult decision, but I respect my privacy too much, so here I am. Though LJ will still remain my primary journal for fannish purposes, unless fandom decides to move here as well, I'll be posting and blogging here.

So feel free to friend me, just comment and let me know so I can friend you right back! If you were in my f-list on LJ, just mention your username there.


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