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lost_soul ([personal profile] lost_soul) wrote2011-08-04 10:59 pm

Pottermore...and other things

I got into Pottermore *cue squeeage*. I have recently been fairly active in the HP fandom (well the reading side of things, that is), and so I am excited I was able to get in. It should be an interesting experience, if nothing else.

MIn other news, I have been busy with my dissertation these past few months. It is completed and now is on the final editing stages. Most of the issues arising with my supervisors have to do with the formatting and referencing of the work because since I am attempting to make a guidline of my chosen subject by myself, I rarely have any formal work to fall back upon. It is all based on the perceptions of readers like myself who help define the genre rather than works of critics.

So obviously referencing of web pages aside, sifting through usernames and avatars of people across the web and quoting them and trying to link back to them even when its just forum debates is a bit hectic and apparently not 'formal' enough for one of the examiners. The rest are cool with it since they understand that I will always give credit where it is due and will give the reference to the person I got the idea from even if it is just a web page with no author name, date or even title. I can't just erase that person's contribution just because it doesnt fit into their standards of referencing. Blah.

Anyway, I might have the finished product soon enough and then I can relax. Don't know yet if I will be attempting my M.Phil. It doesn't look like I will be able to even if I do want it...but that's another rant altogether.

OH, and I saw XMen First Class this weekend, and Oh My GUHHH!!. It was amazing. Really. I went in with high expectations and it delivered, like woah! The Charles/Erik subtext and the chemistry of the actors and the way it was similar yet different to the previous movies all while trying to remain faithful to the original story *deep breath*. Yes, Im still excited. And I have spent the time I should have been tweaking the dissertation, on collecting icons, macros, graphics and anything else I can get my hands on, of the movie. *___*